Addressing Environmental Issues in Colorado Springs, CO

The City of Colorado Springs has taken major steps towards addressing environmental issues by introducing improvements that will reduce the discharge of contaminants into Fountain Creek and its tributaries. Learn more about how they are promoting sustainability.

Addressing Environmental Issues in Colorado Springs, CO

The environmental issues we face today have a huge impact on all of us, but they can be especially damaging to those who are already disadvantaged due to social, economic, and political inequalities. To combat this, it is essential that we come together and find collaborative solutions. The City of Colorado Springs has taken a major step in this direction by introducing measures to reduce the discharge of pollutants such as sediment, oil and grease, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, and bacteria into Fountain Creek and its tributaries. These tributaries include Monument Creek, Camp Creek, Cheyenne Creek, Shooks Run, Sand Creek, Cottonwood Creek, and Pine Creek.

In addition to this agreement, the city has also taken steps to promote sustainability. The Office of Innovation is leading the way in this regard by planning sustainability actions that are tailored to the city's needs. This is in line with General Palmer's original vision for Colorado Springs as a planned community built around its natural beauty and environment. To further raise awareness about environmental issues in the city, KRCC News sent surveys about some of the most pressing issues facing city leaders to candidates running for the three “majority” seats on the Colorado Springs City Council.

Furthermore, KRCC and Colorado Public Radio have also transformed a building in downtown Colorado Springs into a state-of-the-art space. Even in traditionally conservative areas such as Colorado Springs – which was once dubbed the “evangelical Vatican” due to its concentration of prominent evangelical Christians – people of faith are calling on political leaders to take action against fossil fuels and work for climate justice. StoryCorps visited Colorado Springs during the month of June to record stories from community members about their experiences with environmental issues.

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